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Our Story

"Go and make disciples of all nations..."

Why the Slingshot?

After a long day of visiting Feeding Centers, some members of our team were returning home when they saw a group of boys walking near the road each carrying a slingshot. Their clothes were torn and dirty. The team decided to stop and talk to the children only to find out every day these boys walk for miles with their slingshots, desperately hoping to see a bird they could kill. These birds were not killed for sport, but for livelihood, the birds ending up on the family dinner table later that evening.


The team asked how much the boys spent on their slingshots, they replied, 30 rupees (roughly 50 cents). The team bought the slingshot from the children on the spot, giving them extra to feed their families and purchase a replacement slingshot. 

The team saw an opportunity then, to use the slingshots as a means to feed children. LYN India decided to sell these slingshots for $10, enough money to feed a child in India for a month. 

Buy a slingshot. Feed a child.